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Originally Posted by Speed Daemon View Post
Good call on the meds. It looks like that nurse was more interested in making her own life easier than anything else. I hope that's the exception, not the norm!
As soon as the nurse left I asked my good friend Google for info on dying patients, morphine, etc., and guess what I found? TONS of comments from people whose loved ones were drugged to death. My mom has NOTHING wrong--it's not like she is dying from bone cancer or some other horrible, painful disease. She's just old, and ended up at this point by refusing to do her exercises. Long story, but a fall landed her on bed rest, and afterward she REFUSED to do the exercises prescribed, so it started a downward, very VICIOUS cycle of inactivity, weakness, more inactivity, more weakness, etc., until she finally ended up confined to bed 24/7, unable to even keep herself in a sitting position. That's why I knew instantly when she was choking that there was no way I could position her AND keep her in position to do the Heimlich maneuver.

My long-winded point being that she's not in any particular pain, just her normal pain caused by arthritis in her right knee. Morphine? I don't think so! And that whole bullshit song and dance for the Ativan...ANXIOUS? She was asleep, for heaven's sake.

Has your mom set up a living will and/or appointed someone as medical attorney?
Honey, you're looking at her. It didn't seem real, though, until last week when I had to take the documents to the hospital. I have both Power of Attorney (for financial and personal matters) and Durable Power of Attorney for Health Care. After I left the hospital I went to Chase and Bank of America to file the papers there, too. I had put that off for two years, but since the documents were in the car with me anyway...and Mom was in the hospital...I figured maybe NOW would be a good time to do it.

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