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Originally Posted by MoodyBlues View Post
When I met with the coordinator the other day, I still wasn't QUITE there--I told him I needed to process everything and I'd get back with him. Today, I did. He's sending a nurse here tomorrow to do an evaluation and get services started. I still feel a bit like I'm signing Mom's death warrant, despite being reassured that acknowledging the need for additional help, as in hospice, doesn't equate to imminent death, but it feels that way.
Originally Posted by MoodyBlues View Post
It's weird, you know, the hospice coordinator told me in the hospital that many times, once a patient starts hospice it's only two or three days before they die.
It seems like he is contradicting himself about her chances once entering the hospice.

Originally Posted by Gmash View Post
Honestly, your Mom doesn't seem like she is ready for hospice care yet, being that she doesn't seem to be suffering or on the brink of dying. Good for you for standing up to the nurses, your Mom is lucky to have you. You may want to consider putting off hospice for awhile.
I agree with Gmash . Maybe you should think about it more.
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