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Mine does not, and it does not work in CM10 Stable either, but the center weighted with auto focus works better than with the samsung stock camera, fwiw. I don't know that it ever worked.

And for the number of people that are likely to notice this fault, good luck getting it fixed by Samsung. Your best bet is to beg a dev on XDA to look into it I imagine.
I've seen some pretty glaring faults in hardware that didn't impede them selling like the proverbial hotcakes, and this one isn't exactly glairing unless one knows what to look for. If it is a deal breaker, move on to the next toy. Sucks but hey.
Personally I'd trade the ungodly shutter lag and other faults of my poor ole Evo4G for this camera other attributes and loose the spot metering in a heartbeat. And I did.
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