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Originally Posted by Nevpaurion View Post
It's what you said at the end that hit me the most.

I did exactly that. Had a Nexus 4 sale lined up but realized honestly, with the good camera in general, SD card, removable (and up-gradable) battery, bigger screen, and some of the nice proprietary Samsung touches, it's not worth it.

I wonder if the Note II has the same issue. That's what I have my eyes set on now.
Good question about the Note II, or the GS4 that is due out soon.
I tend to stick with a given device awhile, while that camera lag with the Evo was my only real complain, it was a real pain in the rear, but I stuck with it for almost the full two years. The GS3 isn't perfect, at all, but it's a big step in the right direction. These things just cost too much off contract to swap em around for me unless it's with old one's. The only thing I'd consider even then is a Nexus 4, and it has some downs, just like you noted. Who knows, maybe it will get fixed eventually.
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