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Originally Posted by xguy View Post
When I first learned of Straight Talk I was told by someone I couldn't tether.

I would love to find one of those prepaid unlimited cheaper plans that I can tether....maybe under radar if ya know what I mean.
Tell you what, I do know what you mean, and it's not a good idea. There's a reason why unlimited and unthrottled data plans usually forbid tethering in the contract. You should pay for the data you use. Data isn't free, bandwidth isn't free, and mobile bandwidth is certainly not free. If you want to tether, pay for it, and get a plan. That way, our data networks don't get congested because responsible users are essentially subsidizing irresponsible use.

What plan do you have now? If that allows tethering and you're satisfied, why do you want to switch (if there's a reason other than you not wanting to pay a premium price)? How much tethering do you honestly need, given the abundance of wifi access these days?

Originally Posted by lightsleeper23 View Post
Cricket, Boost Mobile, and Virgin Mobile all have tethering. But I wouldn't recommend them as Boost and Virgin run on sprints slow 3G network. Sure Boost and Virgin have a couple of wimax phones, but wimax is a joke.
I don't have Sprint anymore, but when I did, I had access to their wimax 4G, and when I was on it, speeds were very good. No LTE, but I regularly got between 7 and 10 mbps down.
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