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Originally Posted by rui-no-onna View Post
If you're on an unlimited data plan, I can understand charging for tethering since it's more likely to be abused. Folks are more likely to use up more bandwidth streaming 720p/1080p videos to a tethered laptop or tablet than 360p/480p to a 3~4" display. For those on a plan with a monthly bandwidth limit, there shouldn't be a separate tethering charge.
I can understand how video streaming to a laptop with HD, rather than SD to a cell-phone. Those on real truly unlimited plans(no fair usage, or throttling, or other caps), could possibly used more data with a laptop. If your bandwidth is throttled because you've gone over your monthly fair usage quota, you're not going to be streaming much of anything.

Originally Posted by rui-no-onna View Post
How is 3GB of data consumed directly by the smartphone differ from 3GB of data consumed by a tethered device?
I don't understand that at all, especially on limited and metered plans. You're paying for 3GB of data. Why should a carrier charge you extra, if you want to use that 3GB of data with a tethered laptop?

The other thing is, how can a carrier detect you're tethering anyway? Deep packet inspection possibly? What's the difference between running a bandwidth hog like bittorrent on a smart-phone than on a laptop. And you can always spoof a browser's user agent string(UAS) to be anything you like. There's been a couple of posts here, where a phone user has been falsely accused of tethering, just because they were using a different browser over the phone's default one, Three UK.

Fortunately I don't have to deal with tethering fees. I buy data either by the gigabyte or sometimes by the number of on-line hours(China Telecom does this for some pre-paid plans). How I use it is down to me, and has nothing to do with the carrier, whether I'm using my laptop or my Android phone.
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