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Originally Posted by nagano View Post
Hello, new user here so please be gentle. : )

I have read numerous posts on several forums about how to get
wallpaper to fit an Android device without cropping. I still
have not had success.

I understand that stock Android crops to make images fit. But if
I am using an image with the same resolution as my device, why would
it need to crop at all? I want the whole image to be my wallpaper. Both
of my devices are on Jellybean.

Samsung Galaxy S3 is 720 x 1280.
Asus Transformer Infinity is 1920 x 1200.

But if I use an image the same size it still crops it so only a small
portion of the image is visible. And this is for a non-scrolling
wallpaper just on the home screen.

I tried Quickpic and it allowed me to select more of the image (a larger
square) but it still cut off the sides. Then when I applied it, the top
and bottom were cut off too on the home screen.

I was going to try PicSpeed but recent reviews of the last update say its
crop feature is no longer working for full images.

So how can I get a 720 x 1280 on my S3 or a 1920 x 1200 on my Infinity
without losing large chunks of the image?

Thanks for any help.
Try making that image the approximate shape and size of your device screen. I have the same exact problem but some of my backgrounds look great when cropped.
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