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Originally Posted by Adauth View Post
15$ a month isn't going to happen VZW isn't that stupid.
I think they are stupid enough to mull it over and maybe actually give it a try. There won't be a huge customer base for this type of phone/service really, so they will gauge those who want it bad enough. I honestly don't think they would care one way or the other if a handful of people left over this, it's not going to put a dent in their overall bottom line. The cell phone masses aren't at play, just a few die-hards.
They will carry it and offer it, looking like good guys. They won't actually have anyone use/buy it and, therefore, be justified in their belief that they don't have to carry something similar again because there is no customer interest. That will be based on lack of sales/service which will be driven by the cost which will be overlooked by Verizon. See, we offered it and no one wanted it that's why we aren't offering it again/any more. Win - win for them.
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