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Default Re: The "Linux questions (and other stuff)" thread

Originally Posted by MoodyBlues View Post
Why don't you contact the respective companies and tell them you're NOT using their products because they don't have a native Linux version? That's what I do. Netflix? Not for me! My Amazon Prime membership includes streaming TV shows/movies/etc., and it works on Linux. Anything that doesn't have a native Linux version, or otherwise work on Linux (such as browser based), I do without.

(Okay, I do have one--and only ONE--long standing exception: Roller Coaster Tycoon. I've been playing that via wine since the last millennium. But that's it!)
Way to hold to your principles, man.

Linux, for me, is about flexibility, capability, and budget. It is a tool, no more, no less. A very good tool, mind you, and powerful in many respects.

That doesn't mean that I will (or must) reject other tools just because I prefer this particular one.

That is like saying, "I absolutely refuse to eat pie, because I have a preference for chocolate cake." Sorry, but a slice of apple pie just goes better with vanilla ice cream...
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