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Trained and equipped like armies? Sure. But the gangs on the street are trained and equipped like armies as well these days. Allowed to act like gangsters? No. Are there bad apples? Sure. But that's the exception and not the rule. Us vs them culture? Sadly yes. I can't really blame them for this. They routinely get crucified in the media for every little thing they do.

Two incidents come to mind that happened recently. In one case officers responded to a report of a disturbance. A mentally ill and mentally ******ed man who was off his meds charged down the stairs at them with a butchers knife in his hand. The cops killed him. The media ran the headline as "cops kill mentally ******ed man". They ignored the fact that the guy posed a threat to everyone's life at the time. In another case the cops stopped a guy on a traffic stop. They walk up to the car and find that the guy has a shotgun on the passenger's seat. So they ask the guy to step out of the car. Instead of complying the guy reaches for the shotgun. Cops shoot him several times through the door and he will now no longer walk again. Turns out the shotgun was unloaded. Media runs the story as "Cops paralyze 20 yr old who had an unloaded gun.

Heck, we had as story recently where the cops shot a guy who was robbing a store. There is video footage from the surveillance cameras where you can see the cops come into the store after seeing the guy brandishing a knife at the clerk. Rather than dropping the knife and giving up the man charges the cops and they kill him. All of this is on video tape. The media runs story after story after story and interview after interview after interview with the guys mother where she claims that the cops murdered her son in cold blood and he was a good kid. Repeatedly she stated her story that her son had surrendered and was outside the store on the ground and handcuffed when the cops shot him in the back of the head for no reason. The media continues to run this story despite freaking video evidence showing the exact opposite. They run the story of a grieving mom who wasn't even there. So, no, I don't blame them at all for the us vs them mentality. It's hard to serve and protect people who seem to hate you no matter what you do.

In the case where they shot the mentally ******ed guy with the knife the media claims they should've shot him in the leg or use a taser. (Yeah, use a taser on a guy who is trying to kill you.) In the case where they shot the guy who reached for the shotgun, the media claimed officer should've determined if the gun was loaded or not first. Not sure how you figure that out by looking at a gun. In the case where they shot the guy who was robbing the store the media basically claims the cops story is bogus and they are liars.
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