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Originally Posted by Dngrsone View Post
Way to hold to your principles, man.
First of all, that's WOman. Second of all, when I started playing Roller Coaster Tycoon, circa 1999 or 2000, Linux wasn't NEARLY as popular or well known as it is now. So complaining back THEN wouldn't make sense.

Linux, for me, is about flexibility, capability, and budget. It is a tool, no more, no less. A very good tool, mind you, and powerful in many respects.

That doesn't mean that I will (or must) reject other tools just because I prefer this particular one.

That is like saying, "I absolutely refuse to eat pie, because I have a preference for chocolate cake." Sorry, but a slice of apple pie just goes better with vanilla ice cream...
Sorry, but that's a piss-poor analogy. For me, it's not ONLY that Linux is vastly superior to m$ products in every conceivable way, such as security, stability, customization, power, etc., but there's also the principle involved of not supporting a company whose shady, often illegal, business practices got them where they are. Or should I say WERE. I can only imagine the anguish in Redmond as Linux has overtaken the world. You do use Android, right? So a better analogy would be, "I'd love a slice of apple pie with vanilla ice cream on top, rather than my usual chocolate cake. However, the apple pie is made in a third-world sweatshop where people work 15 hour days for pennies, and on principle I can't support that. So I'll stick with the chocolate cake made in the US for living wages."

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