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Hope you are feeling better and good that you shared it. I agree with theathiestreverand that its good to share. I sometimes just email myself!! But I know it doesn't solve the issues but its sometimes good to talk to someone and not feel like you are going crazy.

I've been down since Christmas. Basically I'm not a weepy person. It's just not in me. My mum has suffered with anxiety and depression for as long as I can remember, and has always basically said I'm hard cos it takes a lot for me to even shed a tear!! But last year I changed jobs, it felt like the right time but since going back to work after Christmas I have hated it. I have cried constant, I'm not sleeping, I'm waking up at stupid o clock but then lying there not wanting to get up cos I not want to face the day. Then I'm going home from work and crying and just bursting not tears at the slightest thing. The things that are getting me down seem so petty and trivial when I tell people and I feel like people are thinking "pull yourself together, some people have REAL problems" but these little things are just piling on me and I'm feeling like I'm going under. I've done the same job for 10 years and wanted to change but I am really unhappy and feel like I have made the biggest mistake of my life changing and feel so trapped and helpless.
Last week it all got on top of me and I went to the doctors. Obviously I cried all over him but felt absolutely embarrassed and ashamed at the little things that I was telling him that were bothering me. I thought he sees people with serious/terminal illnesses and yet here I am crying over my job. But he was absolutely fantastic, he said that he fully understood the things I was saying that I wasn't happy about in my job, but regardless of that he said little things like that all sort of gel together and become equivalent of one BIG issue.
He didn't want to offer me mess because basically he feels that it IS the job that's the problem and the solution is to look for another job, which is what I'm in the process of doing.
Good luck with the psychologist x
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