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Default delete/re-establish subscriber information solved problem

Originally Posted by tajac View Post
I had the same reboot loop problem on another Verizon phone (an old Nokia). Resets didn't work, the Verizon store couldn't help and told me I needed a new phone. I bought a new one on ebay and switched my account over to the new phone, deactivating the old one. Well guess what: a few days later I idly turned on the old phone and it no longer had the reboot loop problem. I did not try switching the activation back to the original phone, but I'm wondering whether if I had just deactivated and reactivated the phone, it would have fixed the problem...
One year later: The new Nokia started doing the same reboot loop thing a few days ago, after I used it for a year. I called Verizon and amazingly got an extremely patient and thoughtful rep who was willing to try everything. I managed to get to the "RESTORE" option under settings and tools, security, and restore the phone to factory settings. This turned out to have probably been unnecessary, but read on. After the restore, the phone was no longer programmed to talk to Verizon...and the reboot loop problem was gone! Then when he programmed it (remotely), the problem returned. So we tried again, and he had me program it manually, giving me all the numbers to put in. Same thing happened. Finally, instead of using "refresh" of my Network Subscriber Information on his end, he deleted my subscriber information in the network system and re-established it from scratch. THIS WORKED!!

My guess is that this delete/reestablish subscriber information would have worked in the first place, without me having RESTOREd my phone (and losing all the Contacts, etc). I would think that this problem happens a lot and that the fix would be known to Verizon, but this rep who helped me had looked and said it was not logged in. I urged him to do so... Amazing, how could it take this long to figure something out. I wonder how many of the people on this forum might solve their problem the same way...
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