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Originally Posted by nickdalzell View Post
i like Linux and run it on my computers, but that does not make me a linux fanboy either. fanboys, be them MS, Linux, or Apple, are all alike. they still cling to brand loyalty that has been obsolete since everything went overseas. buying a Curtis-Mathes television set may have had merit back in the '80s but today every brand is exactly alike. it does not matter what name or label is slapped onto them anymore--ever hear of 'badge engineering?'

A Linux fanboy(or girl) so anti-MS that they choose to use watered down versions of the same software that is used in Windows but in a native GNU version may be avoiding their own worst enemy. and all the power to them if they like that. but to me a watered down app, no matter how stable and functional, is a watered down app. if i can find an open-sourced means of making any app run in Linux, hey, it just makes it even better. who cares what OS it was designed to run on? Wine has had the hatred of the GNU people for some time, but guess what? it's NOT WINDOWS! so why the hate? they're an open sourced compatibility layer. just because it runs Windows programs does not make it Windows.

this attitude that Android/Linux is better than everyone else and that everyone should convert and run only that system really irks me. why should i lose my liberty to choose what i want on my own machine? so Microsoft makes Flight Simulator X. so what? Flightgear and X-plane are watered down half-functional copies that cannot even run any add-ons, mods or hacks the way FSX can. why would i give up one of the best sims to date for some watered down version? why should i? it's my computer.

Honestly i never did get why it is such a problem that someone chooses MS products over Linux or Apple products over Android. but some 'fandroids' get so tempermental should someone choose something other than their favorite device. who died and made you ruler of everyone's IT preferences?
Originally Posted by MoodyBlues View Post
I like Linux; but I am old enough to appreciate that there is a place and time when Windows is necessary.
Necessary? Not in my world.
Originally Posted by MoodyBlues View Post
(Okay, I do have one--and only ONE--long standing exception: Roller Coaster Tycoon. I've been playing that via wine since the last millennium. But that's it!)
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