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Originally Posted by argedion View Post
Let us keep focus here. This is not a M$ vs Linux thread. There are plenty of those around.

So getting back on track has anyone besides sapatech run Mageia 3? I'm currently running it with KDE and like it so far. Its very smooth.
I just added a minimum KDE to mine and I have to say it seems to run much better then Gnome 3. I guess because Mga is a KDE distro.

One thing about Linux that I like, it's a free distro, as in freedom. I expect its shortcomings. Now when it comes to Windows & Apple, if one pay good money for it, then the shortcomings it have shouldn't be. Are do those companies do certain things to their OS to keep you locked in? I've seen linux offer some good programs or able to do certain tasks that these billion dollar companies can't or won't offer.
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