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Originally Posted by Gmash View Post
They have ways of telling even whether you are rooted or not, but a one time $15 fee seems more likely than $15 per month on top of Verizon's already ridiculously high prices.
Could be some merit to what you said. A $15 per month fee would really put off a lot of people and I doubt that many would pay the fee. Verizon is smarter than that.

Let's not forget that Verizon is trying to make money. Who would pay for an unlocked bootloader if it cost $15 per month? Seriously...who? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller? Bueller?

No. Hell, I just probably would not buy that phone and move on to something else. Anyone that would be willing to pay for that probably doesn't understand why they would pay for it. So that would mean:

$15 per month x 0 customers = $0 revenue.

Now imagine that they charge you a $15 fee to unlock an ENCRYPTED bootloader. That is something that may or may not ever be possible from the Dev community. Would you pay a one time fee for the key to unlock the bootloader? I would. $15 is no problem for me and I think if you could spend $200-$300 on a phone like this...most of you would be willing to spend an additional $15 for the unlocked bootloader.

How many people would pay for this? Let's base the estimate of 5% of all Android users that root their phones. For example: If Verizon sold 2,000,000 phones, and 5% of those were sold to people like me who would pay $15 (one time fee) to unlock the bootloader:

2,000,000 x 5% = 100,000

100,000 x $15 = $1,500,000 in extra revenue.

It's simple math and Verizon will do whatever it can to capture additional dollars wherever it can.

That's my 2 cents anyway...
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