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Originally Posted by MoodyBlues View Post
Remember when web sites REQUIRED Internet ExploDer in order to access them?
Actually I don't. And it's not due to foggy memory either.

I recall quite clearly the bad old days when Netscape used lots of proprietary tags that weren't W3 approved. I recall Spyglass/Microsoft and other players like AOL picking up this bad habit, but it's generally agreed that Netscape was the worst offender. Even to this day, no browser passes the Acid test 100% on everything.

If you're referring to the brief period when some websites tried to use CaptiveX objects, I'd have to say that its inability to function properly even under ideal circumstances had more to do with its demise than anything else.

To think that in some alternate universe, there is no such thing as Java, Miguel de Icaza is a Microsoft Fellow and IE for UNIX destroyed Netscape before Gecko was born thanks to MS Mono!

Only recently, and as a result of reading a question here about Netflix, did I pull out my old "as long as you're not supporting Linux I won't be a customer" routine.
But as you can see, you were wrong about that. Even my TiVos (which use Linux for their OS) have Netflix on them!

How early? I see old episodes of Top Gear all the time on BBC America.
Starting with Series 2, when James May returned to complete the trio that we know and love.

BBCA started airing the "lost episodes" back when the only HD video sources I had were OTA and DISH. The DISH DVR doesn't allow saving shows as files, so I had to wait until the local cable company finally obeyed the law and hooked my TiVos up to their digital cable service. (Refusing to do business with them only hurt me, BTW.) I'm still missing one episode each from Series 2 and 3 after roughly a year of manually searching for and recording the episodes that I can't get through Amazon. Just as well I suppose, since the older episodes have been recently remastered with the shot-on-film segments appearing in full-HD resolution on BBCAHD.
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