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Originally Posted by Dngrsone View Post
I messed up my networking settings trying to get an ad hoc session set up to connect my phone to the laptop. I thought I had reversed everything, but something isn't right. My wifi will work for a while at home, but it will drop offline and I will have to reboot the machine in order to get back online.

The laptop won't even connect to the wifi network at the college (then again, their certificates are screwed up all kinds of special).

If there is a way to reset my network stuff back to defaults without having to reinstall Ubuntu 12.04 desktop 64-bit; I'd be forever grateful to learn how to do it.
You might want to brush up on your find and grep skills, and scour your /etc directory (and subdirectories) for errant network device config files. It may be as simple as restoring the `.old' versions of these files. If you're running a network configuration daemon, you'll want to disable it until you get everything sorted.
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