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for those who want to use Linux and give up Windows it makes more sense to run both Linux and Windows (or DOS) programs in the Linux OS and not have to reboot back into Windows. seems more convenient to use one to do both but what do i know? for one my games run better in Linux due to less overhead. and when they are closed the RAM is dumped back where it belongs and not occupied by some odd process the way it is in Windows. Linux can be running constantly and never need a reboot. i have yet to even have a Wine program crash. but then i only run programs that are rated 'gold' on WineHQ. thankfully my games are rated gold. i run a combo of Linux programs (Firefox, Clementine, GIMP, etc) with a few games that are Wine needed (FSX, STO, Hoyle) there is just no replacement for those games that are native to Linux. that's not Linux's fault but i won't go from gold to watered down anymore than i'd run a watered down version of an app in Android instead of on an iPad.

Wine does not require running the real Windows the way Virtualbox and dual-booting do. which you'd think would make the purists happy

UPDATE: got past the activation bug. search Youtube. it involves something not proper for these forums.
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