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Originally Posted by mikedt View Post
It's not working too well at all, and neither is DRM. I can watch very much anything that's on Hulu, Netflix, Amazon Prime, iTunes Store, CBS, NBC, ABC, etc, and I think you all know where I am.
IP geolocation software was originally little more than a FOSS toy, a Linux command that some of us used to confound people on public forums by telling them (roughly) where they lived. It never was intended to be used as it's being used for commercial purposes today.

Back when NetSol was the sole arbiter of the world's IP addresses, it might have been possible to build an accurate IP goelocation system, but not today. As more and more of the deregulated Internet gets caught in the increasingly parochial tentacles of small governments, the ability for anyone to compile a database of truly authoritative IP address data becomes less and less possible. And the technical kludges that have been keeping IPv4 on life support for all these years means that only the ISPs that assign public IP addresses at random to their customers truly know the physical location of any given IP address. It's not unusual for large ISPs to move small IP blocks long distances without having to report it to anyone.

As you noted, the big players who have a lot of money on the line have their businesses sorted. But smaller businesses that try to get by with kludges and not much planning are still out there to make their customers' lives miserable.
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