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Originally Posted by jhawkkw View Post
I know they have ways to check if they have the device in their hands (stock recovery boolean, Odin flash counter, etc) , but I'm not aware of any method that allows them to see it over the air. If there is a way, I'd be quite interested to know how.

As for the 15 one time, I would think it would be that low. I'd imagine they'd require you to buy it full retail or top bit out the line's contact. Essentially turning it into another dev device like the others they currently allow.
It was quite some time ago, but I read an article where Verizon was keeping track of who was rooted by sending out a small ota that wouldn't go through on rooted phones and therefore they could tell which ones went through and which didn't. It seemed legit to me at the time, if I remember correctly Verizon had all but confirmed it, but said they weren't going to do anything with the information, that it was just for research. I have no idea of the scope of the project, or it could have been a bs article, but it sounded real to me.
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