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Default Re: The "Epic" Motorola X Pre-Release Thread

Originally Posted by Gmash View Post
It was quite some time ago, but I read an article where Verizon was keeping track of who was rooted by sending out a small ota that wouldn't go through on rooted phones and therefore they could tell which ones went through and which didn't. It seemed legit to me at the time, if I remember correctly Verizon had all but confirmed it, but said they weren't going to do anything with the information, that it was just for research. I have no idea of the scope of the project, or it could have been a bs article, but it sounded real to me.
In general, Ota's have no problem installing installing on phones or tablets that are rooted, but generally fail when there are other modifications like custom recovery, changed radio firmware, or deleted essential bloat. Often the ota will patch up the root and close known exploits though. Plus if these otas did get pushed, they would be logcatted, grabbed and dissected by devs and they would probably discover this fact. Seeing as I have yet to find a mass exodus of outrage over something to this, I would be inclined to file this under fiction.
I do remember when people discovered a "counter" in the stock recovery of the bionic that read 0 if never rooted, 1 if currently rooted, and -1 if it was rooted, but is no longer. That was a spectacle.
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