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It does bother me a bit. I don't play a ton of mobile games so interesting iOS-only applications bug me more. Remembering market share data, these companies are missing out on sizable percentages of potential customers. I don't understand that.

I know developers claim Android piracy is their main reason for avoiding the platform but I remember reading that some game under iOS had an incredibly high piracy rate so I expect the walled garden is missing a few bricks somewhere. Wish I could remember where I read these things.

As far as difficulty in implementing for iOS vs. Android, iOS really has a better system for coding. I'm a programmer who dabbled in Android development and have friends who do for iOS. Apple provides MUCH better tools than Google. As expected, Apple integrates everything into a nice neat package where Google's system is relatively hard to even set up properly.

Apple tells people what they want, Microsoft asks what people want, Google gives people what they want (for 15 minutes).

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