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VZW Nexus Please!!!
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Originally Posted by jhawkkw View Post
Verizon clings to two notions for their defense against unlockable bootloaders.

First is that it allows users to run custom software that may break devices (such as kernels overclocked so high that the fry the phone, the usb fast charge feature found in many roms that has the potential to melt the charging port, etc). So this results in them having to take on added cost to replace these devices.

Second is that they like to keep everyone on roughly the same build so that customer service can more easily troubleshoot and/or assist users.

My rebuttal to all of this is that for the first notion, that user is not entitled to a new device because they took on the inherited risk of doing so. For the second notion, is that most users who run custom roms tend to know more about their device than the CS reps, rendering this point moot.
The manufacturers should be responsible for replacement hardware which would limit Verizon's cost to only the time needed to process return paperwork and shipping (although knowing VZW...that probably gets charged back to the manufacturer as well).

But people still call customer service for help with their phones? I thought they all came here

Yeah...I wonder how many people call VZW with a problem saying "well, I did try a different kernel and that didn't solve my issue either" LOL!

That is VZW posturing but I wonder what their "real" problem with it is
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