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Originally Posted by drdoom View Post
Try that.
OK, for text messages that is super easy. Use DeskSMS, that is an app that can forward your texts to and from your cell. It can do GTalk, Browser, Email, and TabletSMS. If you use a tablet download the tabletsms app on your tablet and desksms on your phone and bam you send/receive texts via your phone so it always shows up exactly as if you sent it from the phone [and yes your replies even show up on phone just like they would]. You can also use GTalk on a computer [or phone] to do the same thing I love that at my job.

All it requires is that both your phone and tablet have a working data connection of any kind [yes even using bluetooth tether in jellybean works fine]. This also applies if you say leave your phone at home cause you forgot it on the charger. As long as both devices have a network connection anywhere that allows internet access you will have access to get and send your texts through your phone.

DeskSMS does charge like a whole $5 - $7 a year and it does give a full 2 week free trial [unhampered]. Also, even has a home screen widget so you can easily toggle how it handles your messages [do you want it to send to GTalk and your email and the browser extension or do you just want one or a combo of those? It gives a toggle for each and you turn on and off each of the 3 types of routing at will.
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