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Originally Posted by travioso View Post
Ok, I know this may not be the best section for this but I trust my fellow Esteemers.. I have an extra phone (Android 2.3) and I want to set it up as a WiFi phone.. I've googled around and trolled the forums, but still not sure what the best bet is.. I'm leaning towards GrooveIP/Google Voice, but wanted to know if there is a free or better alternative.. Here is what I am looking for exactlyish

1. Have a number that I can call and receive from
2. Send SMS (MMS is a plus but I can live without it if I have to)
3. Voicemail would be a plus (especially if I wasn't around WiFi)

Basically like a phone with a service plan but only on WiFi.. Don't want to have to jump through hoops to send/receive a call, or for the other person to have to (ie. Magic Jack or equivalent) Like I said I don't mind paying for GrooveIP as a one time thing, or anything along along those lines.. not looking for a contract like Skype or equivalent..

Thanks in advance.. t=W251bGwsMSwyLDNd

"Text plus" is a great app... well was a couple versions ago. new one is kinda laggy..
but You get a new number (you can choose the area code)
you can make/receive calls ten minutes free (i dont use it for calls so I dont know the cost of minutes)
You can get/send texts (although sometimes metro to text plus messages dont always go through)
I think it has v mail, not sure.
I use it to text when I don't want to give out my number.
if you are logged out of the app, you don't get notifications or calls. or you can stay logged in.
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