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Originally Posted by JanComputerman View Post
I tested my Nokia 501 stereo BT mike headset and the microphone does not work but wow is the N7 built in microphone sensitive! Picked up my voice five feet away no problem talking softly.
Back so soon

I found a headset in the bottom of my drawer.

My take on it is, the mic on the headset does not work.

I tried a voice message app I use on the tablet called Heytell, plugged the headset in went to send a message and whispered into the headset mic, which was as far away from the tablet as I could get it, thinking that the internal mic on the N7 couldn't have been able to pick it up. I sent the message to my HTC Desire phone and it came through. Success, I thought! I then began to think "What if it was just the N7 mic picking it up though" and tried the same test, from the same distance, same voice volume but no headset. Upon sending the message, it come through to my HTC at the same volume level. Conclusion: on both tries, it was just the N7 mic picking it up.

Although a little disappointed I began to think, really, so what? My goal would be to hold a VOIP conversation and all that I require is for the person at the other end to be able to hear my voice clearly and for no one else to be able to hear what the person I'm talking to is saying (much like a regular phone call!). Plug in a set of normal ear/head phones and job done. As Jan said above, the N7 mic seems to be incredibly sensitive so from the distance between the N7 and your head/mouth which is really only going to be (realistically) less than a metre, why would you care which mic is picking up your voice?

I guess what I'm trying to say is there's no need for a headset mic to work because the internal N7 mic is so good and picks up sounds from distance anyway.
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