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Default Review of UAG (Urban Armor Gear) case for Note 2 w/lots of pictures!!!

Here is it, review of long awaited Urban Armor Gear (UAG) Samsung Galaxy Note 2 case! URBAN ARMOR GEAR

Since I don't own iPhone or S3, my experience with previous UAG cases was based on reading only reviews from others, and it seems those cases were quite popular with a huge fan base. Note 2 case introduced a new design, and that generated a mixed reviews. I'm personally looking at the case as is without comparing it to previous models.

The case came in a nice packaging box, nothing too fancy but with a clear display and highlights of the features. In addition to the case, UAG included a screen protector, a small screen cloth and a squeeze for sp installation. I can't comment on sp since I already have one installed, but I have a feeling its a basic one. I can comment it had a good cut, although didn't feel as thick as some other 3H film screen protectors.
Also, as part of new "vent" design, it came with 2 inserts in orange and black. Those are interchangeable and you can use either one. There has been a lot of discussion about quality of material used on these inserts (in other forums) and perhaps some people had higher expectations. These inserts are cardboard cut outs with diamond textured design and some thin laminating layer on color side. Each insert is colored on one side, while white on another side. In theory you can make your own inserts. Those have two side cut outs that align with guiding small pins inside of the case. Once you put down the insert, you better keep the case horizontal while inserting the phone, otherwise the insert will move. When phone is inserted into the case - inserts stay dead on, although if you shake the phone you will hear it move a little bit. Don't get me wrong, it looks cool as hell, and could be easily fixed with a little piece of scotch tape holding it down. The vent itself should keep air circulating which is a good idea while charging the battery.

The case is VERY light - amazing considering the high level of protection it offers at a minimum added bulk. Of course, just like any case it adds some bulk, but when you compare to other case with equivalent level of protection - this is feather-light! The construction is composite where inner protection bumper and outer shell are molded together. Yes, I would consider the inner rubber (hard TPU material) to be a bumper since
it doesn't wrap around the back of the phone. The outer shell made of a very high quality impact plastic material, definitely not some cheap brittle stuff. The inner side of the plastic shell has honeycomb pattern, while the outer side is smooth and has sort of sandblasted finish. I do have to note, plastic does feel a little slippery in your hands. I have heard this will go away with time, but I still have to point it out. But since they have vent cut out in the back and also hard rubber bumper around the edges of the screen, you still get an acceptable grip when holding it in your hand. The rubber bumper doesn't pull away and fits around the edge of the phone very snugly. The only place where it pulls a little bit is at the bottom in the aread of micro-usb connector, but very slightly. It also offers a very nice lip to protect the screen of the phone when faced down, and a VERY good corner protection with some extra material while still keeping it slim and not exaggerated around corners like
some other designs do. Furthermore, the back of the phone has 4 subtle stands in a shape of a torx screw head. Those are of course not real screws but rather rubber bumps, but functionally it's brilliant since you can put your phone down on the back and it will keep it from sliding!!! This little design detail is so subtle yet brilliantly functional and adds to "urban" style of the phone.

Port openings are very generous; mic openings big enough for a clear sound, micro-usb opening is wide enough to accommodate after market connectors, headphone jack should accept a connector up to 3/8". S-pen opening deserves a special mentioning. It's not your typical rectangular opening, and narrows down while still giving enough room for a nail to grab the edge of s-pen when pulling it out. Just a very nice detail. Speaker grill has a cross line which makes speaker design with a battery cover of the phone to look partitioned and cool next to the grill design. Camera and led flash openings are partitioned - a very clever idea for glare-free flash photos! Volume and power buttons have a very unique design to make them look like a separate external buttons. These buttons have a
separate slit opening along one side to make them push easier. I very clever idea! I have documented all these details in my pictures.

Another comment I would like to bring up is the color of the case itself. Since I choose Navigator to compliment my white GN2, I want to mention that white of the case is a few shades brighter than white of the phone - not a big issue since those two colors don't come in contact. I do want to mention also, there is a little flex when you push down on the vents. I assume that was always part of the design even with solid back on iPhone/S3 cases. With vents cut outs, it's more visible now. I would say it could be looked as positive and negative point. Positive since it absorbs some shock if case falls down flat on its back, and negative since you are opening back door to lint and dust getting under the vent.

Overall, its a very unique design that offers both a visual eye candy and a decent level of protection to the phone. I tried to be fair in my review and describe all the positive and negative points I found, IMHO. But in my personal opinion - I highly recommend it!

As usual, I will leave the rest to the pictures. Please keep in mind due to case being white, my camera had a hard time focusing.

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