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Originally Posted by dreadnatty08 View Post
Hoping BB isn't in the house, but is it acceptable to get the lady a "meat basket" for Valentine's day?
Going to head up to this place for the first time. She looked over what they offer and wanted it all! Wondering if they can put something together for me.
Three Little Pigs Charcuterie & Salumi - Menu - Washington DC Butchery
I laughed when I saw this tonight. I'm all for giving meat for any occasion.

Originally Posted by adjuster11 View Post
Dreadnatty gives you the perfect opening line, with his meat basket line and and nobody bites?

Did you watch SNL's Justin Timberlake take on My D*#% in a box?

And Grandmadroid, I'm on a hosted exchange with Mailstreet that pushes EVERYTHING to my Nexus. yeah it sucks the battery dry in 12 hours, but you get all your data no matter where, no matter when. It runs about 25 a month, but there are cheaper hosted exchanges. Mailstreet also does tech support in english if that matter to you.
I would have taken the opening if I had been in the Watering Hole recently.

Originally Posted by dreadnatty08 View Post
Just sent off the lady. Found out her grandma (last remaining grandparent between us) got into some accident and is in a coma. She's flying down to Florida to be with her and her family. Extremely sad time for both of us. She's the only grandparent to make it to our wedding and a lovely soul.
I'm so sorry to hear this Dread.

Originally Posted by IndecisiveElle View Post
Omg we are still alive! It's been so long. This has made my day
Hiya Elle!!!!! Long time no talk!!


It's been a long long week for me. I covered for the receptionist at the salon I go to and worked a full week. Tuesday to Saturday. I forgot how draining that it. I'd go work there in a heartbeat though. Then had to attend the bridal shower for my cousin on Saturday afternoon. (Would have rather stayed at work )

Hope everyone had a great weekend!!
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