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Originally Posted by mackiavhell View Post
Hi All!
It seems that I'm getting the same problem with one tablet I've bought recently. Was just trying some combinations of Volume+, Volume-, Home button, Power to master reset the device. It did not work; worse it seems to be permanently booting Android.
Fortunately I did find the specifications for my tablet but no support information. So any help from you will be welcomed.
(here's the device: Courts Mauritius - iDroid Stylus)
Sometimes these devices have a small pinhole that is for a reset, but you have to be very careful because it could also be a microphone. If it's the former, a paperclip might get it to reboot/reset. If it's the latter and you stick a paperclip in the hole too deeply, you've ruin the microphone and it still won't be reset.

Since you said you recently bought this tablet, I'd look into returning it for repair or replacement.
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