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Originally Posted by Droidwerks View Post
Yes, and also the fact that most cell carrier contracts allow them to raise your rates while under contract! You're forced to only do business with them, while they can raise your rates, change your level of services, or even cancel your account (if they deem you to have violated their TOU).....what a racket!

I have a friend who just signed a 2 year contract with Sprint. When I asked her why, she said: "Well, they gave me a phone for free and I'm locking in a monthly rate." When I pointed out that A) that "free" phone was easily paid for by the $40 mo savings using Boost instead of Sprint, and B) Sprint can raise her rates and/or change the terms anytime they want (i.e. new data caps, new text caps, etc) all the sudden she wasn't too happy about signing the contract......
Yep, a friend of mine got a phone on a 36 a month contract which she was then told would be changed to just over 40 a month soon after she took it out. I think she's on either Orange or Vodafone but I'm not sure. All networks reserve the right to do this though.
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