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Originally Posted by pbf98 View Post
If you were to go see a live band that does covers, what songs would you want / like to hear.

The fate of a band can depend on their choice of songs. Their setlist must appeal to a wide spread amount of people. So if you could choose some, what would you say?

I am asking because I have started another band again, and wanted others opinions, not just what I like and want to play, but what people want to hear.

So thank you for your time
Actually, I think the fate of the band depends on much more than the songs they decide cover. Crap is crap, you know? Things like musical talent and the ability to sight read music is part of my personal equation. And sometimes, I like to remember the original performances through the cover band's talent.

Let us start with this query: what genre? I doubt most rock and roll cover bands could cover something by AKUS or Earl during his days with Bill Monroe. Their success depends on many factors. So I might not like your cover of "Honky Tonk Swing" or "Mule Skinner Blues." Then again . . .

And few country bands would likely be able to "cover" Beethoven and his Violin Sonatas Nos. 9 or Sibelius Symphony No. 2.

Before I stopped playing the Coronet, we covered music like Stars and Stripes forever as well as stuff from the Music Man. Not your bag, likely. Not sure your Coronet playing would equal mine, if I still had a lip.

I generally do not like cover bands. not too many translate the music well. I prefer not too good original music to "at least they tried" covers. There are a few local cover bands here in SLC, but they know their place. A few cover music well in most cases.

And sometimes, well, Epic Failure!

So due tell, what is your genre?
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