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Originally Posted by Hadron View Post
Should at least give us a good loud ring

Be interesting to see how it all works in practice, but it does look a very nice device, and I'll give them credit for doing more than just a spec bump. I hope this does pull things around for them.

I'm also happy that they didn't go for the 5+ inch phone. Those have their place, and in fact, my wife would be happier with that huge screen. Personally though, I think the 4.7" is about the best size. big enough to give me screen real estate, but not so big that it is unwieldy.

I'm pretty sure this will be my new upgrade. I'm ALMOST willing to give the Samsung Galaxy S4 a chance, since the S3 apparently went WAY above the S2, which in my opinion was a piece of junk. I haven't really heard anything bad about the S3 though. I have built up quite a bit of brand loyalty with HTC though, not to mention just the familiarity with how their stuff works. It gives it a leg up on any other phones unless they are substantially better. Given similar specs, I will generally go for the HTC.

Initially, a non-removable battery and lack of a MicroSD slot for external storage was a deal breaker for me. I've gotten to the point where it isn't AS important. It is a nice to have feature, but not a requirement. I've been getting by on just the 32GB card in my Evo3D for a long time now without being worried about running out of space. The only thing that does worry me is the battery. I do have an external battery pack, which does a pretty fast job of charging the phone, so at least I have that, but I'm already annoyed at the fact that I seldom can make it through the workday with my Evo3D before the battery is almost dead. Only way I can make it is to not use any internet or bluetooth. I ended up with a 1930mwh battery for my Evo3D, which actually was noticeably better than the stock battery. The new One isn't much larger than what I have right now, so I am hoping that it is much more efficient. If it won't last longer than my current phone, I'm not interested in it at all.

Of course, none of that even slowed me down from pre-registering on Sprint for the phone.
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