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looks interesting to me....I am an htc fan overall, but I must say that this is the first time since owning the OG Evo that the ONE is not an automatic purchase in my mind. what concerns me is primarily the lte connectivity and the update frequency. I have the Ltevo and it really is not doing htc any favors for me to have to cycle thru airplane mode just to experience lte. I just discovered my area has some spots of lte the other day when I just tried cycling airplane mode to see if I was near lte...lo and behold I was and its probably been there for a bit. stuff like that leaves a bad taste...the update frequency needs to be better too. with the OG they seemed to be timely unless I'm trippin, but lately it seems the support is waning in comparison to Samsung which is really the only other choice to compare with outside of a nexus device of course. I will say that according to my reading htc appears to be set to handle updates differently which could appease me on this issue if it pans out as described....the only other thing that could keep me in htc camp is the fact that my phone world revolves around htc at the cradles, media link, etc...the accessories could affect my decision...well actually only the media link it seems, as I'd have to purchase new everything else...the charging port is in a new place compared to Eltevo....uuurrggghhh.....decisions decisions....first time I may actually care about waiting to see what the gs4 will bring....good thing the woman has a gs3 for me to really delve into everything about it.....oh and another thing....the whole android beam, Samsung beam etc. thing is important to me. Samsung nailed the whole beaming thing to me...really cool to be able to share just about anything that way. with just about everyone I know that I would share content with owning a newer Sammy device, I'm the only one that can't participate in he sharing party...would really love to do this despite having an htc device...perhaps the ONE will allow for that to happen without it being more than a little bit of an inconvenience (3rd party apps etc.). ...also wondering if sprint will make some changes to make this the next evo, or if the evo line will even live on....this is a tough one for me....someone put things in perspective please....can't do this alone
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