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Originally Posted by KOLIO View Post
Particularly the last spec,battery.Capacity is larger,& one would suspect that battery efficiency is improved over the ONE X.

Spec-wise,including memory options,have satisfied my requirements.If battery life proves to be acceptable & simultaneous voice/data w/3G remains as w/the LTEVO,this looks like the perfect time to pick up my 1st HTC handset.

Gonna contact HTC & hopefully get a firm answer on the 3G radio capability....
Just off the phone w/an HTC CSR & nothing definitive for an answer to the 3G radio/capability,as the CSR has the same information that is available to us,that which is on HTC's site.I will say that the CSR was very polite & quick to access any info regarding the HTC ONE,w/less than a minute wait time to speak w/a CSR.

Fired off an e-mail to 'em,hope to hear something soon........

Originally Posted by IPWNPACIFISTS View Post
I just want a system dump
Wow,to those new to ANDROID & the development scene,one might suggest a visit to the nearest drugstore or health spa resort is in order.......

Just got this response from HTC:

I am glad to hear you are showing interest in the HTC One for Sprint. I understand you would like to know if this device will allow you to talk and surf at the same time. I know this feature is very handy to have around. Sadly, we do not have this informaiton available to us. The only information we have about this device is located on our sales site at HTC One Overview - HTC Smartphones. You can check with Sprint to see if they know this device would be able to talk and surf at the same time. I would think as long as this device has a SIM card that will allow connection to Sprints 4G/LTE network you should be able to do this without any issue. This is why the EVO 4G LTE is able to talk and surf at the same time, because of the embedded SIM card. I hope this information was helpful. If you have further questions, please feel free to reply. We will be happy to assist you.

I'm cautiously optimistic w/this response,cautious,as it seems they may have missed the emphasis on the 3G capability,though I stated as much w/my initial inquiry.Without knowing about the inner workings of the phone,I'm not sure if this enough information to make a determination on this one way or the other.

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