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Default thoughts on rumored X Phone

Someone remarked to me recently that the xPhone is going to run Key Lime Pie but I don't think so. I was just thinking back to the leaked job posting for the X Phone project manager. The very first sentence in that job posting said "Next Generation SmartPhone Platform".

The xPhone is a phone not a platform. Android is a platform. KLP would be just the next incremental version of the Android paltform. So what is the "Next Generation SmartPhone Platform"?

I think the xPhone is going to run Chrome OS. Remember the chromed out android mascot that google recently affixed to building 45 (where I believe chrome os development occurs)? I think that was a subtle hint at this "next generation platform".

Android apps will be compatible and able to run under chrome os so they instantly have an app store. And think about it there haven't been any rumors or leaks or anything concerning KLP. I think that's because its all about Chrome OS going forward.

The comments we have heard are that the xPhone is going to be a game changer! That it will have awesome features not available to samsung or any other vendor. That it will tie in google products in ways no other vendor can. Why? Cause it will be running Chrome OS. What do you guys think?
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