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I can't trade my wife's old Shift for the $100 due to mechanical damage.

My 3vo is in _perfect_ condition, and $100 seems fair enough to avoid the hassle of selling, but the problem with that is - it's a 3vo, and I don't know if I'll ever want to give up my 3D pda.

That leaves my LTEvo - and if I ever break or lose my One, I'd have to fall back on the 3vo instead of the missing LTEvo - and the LTEvo has got me pretty spoiled, there's just no question about that.

I said with the last three phones that I was going to wait, and went ahead and got them on launch day (ok, launch plus 2 for the og Evo).

Maybe if I say I'm getting this one right away, I'll actually wait this time.
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