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Truly and honestly there's no psychiatric problem here and I don't think there's an addiction issue either. He is simply an adult who is being irresponsible and karma is a bitch and he's suffering for mistakes he's made and continues to make and refuses to admit he is wrong. He just flat out refuses and now I think he's at the point where he truly and honestly has convinced himself that he's right. Any outside who looks at the situation (and the fact that none of his friends/family agree with him says volumes) knows he's wrong but he truly and honestly believes he's right. That more than anything terrifies me.

I hadn't spoken to him since all of this came out. I had no idea he was at this place mentally and emotionally. None at all. That more than anything shocked me. The only thing I can liken it to is if you're told that a friend is sick. You show up at their house and find that they've wasted away to skin and bones and are hooked up to an IV feeding tube and a respirator. Not what you expect when you hear someone is sick. It's jarring.

I know he didn't get this way overnight though. You don't get to the point where you shut everyone who loves you out and deceive yourself into think you're right over night. Did I miss all the signs? Did I fail to intervene at some point in the past year or two when I should've? Could I have prevented this somehow? Could I end up this way myself? All questions going through my head.
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