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Originally Posted by A.Nonymous View Post
Did I miss all the signs? Did I fail to intervene at some point in the past year or two when I should've? Could I have prevented this somehow? Could I end up this way myself? All questions going through my head.
DON'T do that to yourself! They raised you to be an adult who can take care of himself, which you do, it isn't your job to keep close tabs on them, they are adults who sound like they used to take care of themselves. Don't take any blame on yourself when there's no reason to. And also, don't worry about "fixing" all these situations, you can't. You can help and support, but the only people who can fix the situations are the people in them. If you take on all thier problems, you won't help, but you will burn yourself out and stress yourself out, and you won't be any good to anyone. Trust me, you can't take on anyone elses problems and do any good. Just offer support and whatever help they ask for.
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