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Default Re: why lock bootloaders?

Originally Posted by jhawkkw View Post
Carriers are the biggest reason unfortunately. They have the ability to dictate to android Oems because if they don't bend, the cdma carriers won't allow network access and will allow access to those who bend to their demands. The gsm carriers can't deny access, but they can refuse to subsidize it for the customers. Without the subsidy, most people won't buy it and the oem losses money.

Does HTC lock down their phones "more" or "harder" on Verizon than others?

I'm ignorant, but I would think they don't. If that is true, then the carrier argument is invalid in my mind.

Originally Posted by lEquin0xl View Post
It's basically like adding security to DVDs or blurays, why am I not able to make a backup of movies I paid 20$ for? Then again if you really want to you can find a way. Maybe it's just so that the companies aren't seen as people who actually want their customers to do whatever they want with their phones. Even though we should be able to.
Except Joe-shmo can run an easily accessible and automated program to burn their dvds. I need to actually work to unlock my boot loader, let alone flash recoveries or ROMs.
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