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Default Re: Galaxy Nexus Watering Hole

Originally Posted by alsaces daddy View Post
They're trying to move in to the online market. By killing off the original disc compatibility they are forcing you to purchase it in their market place. I read an article about this a few months ago.
That's what they're telling people, but that's not the real motive. All one has to do is look at what Electronic Arts does currently and it's attitude towards used games. For example, if you bought Madden 13 used, you wouldn't have access to online content without paying another extortionate fee to access the content. If you bought the game new, you get that content straight out of the box.

For these new consoles, I've heard that with the game you get a one time code that you have to enter, which gets stored in an online database that when the game runs, it checks it to see if you own it. If the code check fails, the game won't load. Even if you own the game, if you don't have Internet access to check the data base, it will not load.

As broadband providers move towards tiered data caps, online downloads will become a problem. Add it is, blue ray discs run around 50gb of data. Imagine downloading this to your console in terms of bandwidth, time, and hard drive space. Sounds like a nightmare to me.
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