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Originally Posted by jhawkkw View Post
I will probably be shipping the new xbox and/or playstation in protest over their attempt at squash the used gaming industry. One of my best friends own a game store and this will might put him or of business. It hurts the whole industry because game prices will probably go up.
Originally Posted by jhawkkw View Post
I don't think it will hurt sales as long as the price is right. The ps3 originally had complete backwards compatibility with ps1 and ps2 games but because the price was so high, it sold terribly.

The no backwards compatibility is not because of they can't do it, but because it's adds expense and because it doesn't support their agenda for crushing the used game industry.
Originally Posted by alsaces daddy View Post
They're trying to move in to the online market. By killing off the original disc compatibility they are forcing you to purchase it in their market place. I read an article about this a few months ago.
Sony HAS stated you can play used games on the PS4. Backwards compatibility hasn't been fully detailed but you will be able to stream/download PS3 games on the PS4, no word-that I saw-stating you can play physical PS3 discs in the PS4. I would think that at some point in the future all movies and games will streamed or downloaded and stored with no physical discs.

Just found this:

It's the morning after the night before, and Sony Worldwide Studios president Shuhei Yoshida has just confirmed to us that current-generation PSN titles won't transfer across to the PlayStation 4. The company admitted last night that PS3 games wouldn't be compatible with the latest console, but has added that it will try to make titles playable "in some form." Because the architecture of the Power-PC-based PS3 and x86-based PlayStation 4 are so different, Sony will only bring across games that don't guzzle the latest console's power in emulation. The executive also said that the company aims to offer server-side and cloud services to offer a wider library of older games, but said that's one for the "longer term."
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