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I just got a new windows 8 computer at home so the blink feature seems kind of cool to me except for if it's going to drain the battery or not. But I really am interest in this phone but Sprint said I am not due for upgrade till 5/2014. They said they still do the buy out your contract and upgrade early thing I thought that was discontinued also. So hopefully selling my LTEVO with my 2 good cases and Sprint car dock will pay for my early upgrade. Sprint said my phone is only worth 104 bucks I can get more than that for it with accessories on Craigs List or ebay. And last year I sold my 3D and accessories for 250 and at BB I got the LTEVO for 99 bucks so I had money leftover for accessories and that was my last upgrade and they changed everything I have to wait 2 years now. I hate that 10 year people don't get yearly anymore.

But this HTC One I read it's coming out in May will it be considered the new EVO? I'm sure there won't be this HTC One and then a new EVO at the same time. And there not going to call it the EVO One it's already on Sprint's site as HTC-One. But I like the kickstand I have now. And what is this Zoe feature? How will the camera on this compare to our 4GLTE. I have a couple friends that have the SIII which I like but I love my HTC Sense. One friend sold her LTEVO for the Note II and loves it. Don't know if I'd like a phone that big. I don't even remember what size screen I have now but this HTC One screen says 4.7 I think that's what I have now. I was kind of hoping for one like the Droid DNA but this looks cool too. I would be ok with a 5 inch screen I guess if the phone was thin I don't know. And no memory card I hope I can be ok without that. I'm really wanting a removable battery again but willing to give this a try.
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