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I've always been a fan of HTC, but I had to go with the S3 over my One X (AT&T versions) last year. What made me move?

The camera wasn't as good as the S3. especially inside with lots of extra noise (At least to me).

The power button being on the wrong side of the curve and practically recessed made it hard to use a case and even without a case it was a pain to use.

Lack of storage options at the time (I remember not having as much free space as I thought with a 16 gig model). The 32 gig wasnt avaible through At&t either at the time.

There was always just a little bit of lag that seemed to plague Sense...

Large amounts of heat scared me a bit...

Bluetooth constantly needed to be reset in order to reconnect to a dormant device like the car head deck. That might have been part of the multitasking/battery saving stuff... Not sure though?

But the biggest was the multitasking.... Which caused all kinds of irritating problems with listening to music and books while trying to use Nav or even getting back to back notifications.... It kept resetting back to the beginning of a track or worst 3 hours of listened audio book....

Ok so after that long laundry list, if they fixed multi tasking and the lower light sensor is as good as they say (Even with a stunted picture size), I'm willing to give it a shot!
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