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Originally Posted by ElviraKate View Post
well yes, duh, did that first. Plenty of hits, but as I said earlier, these tended to be lists not proper articles detailing what the changes were and how they worked, or if they did, they were talking about phones and not the tablets. I did think there might be people who actually knew about the Note 10.1 and the update on this forum, but it doesn't appear to be so

Samsung do not push details on what the updates consist of. However we do know 4.1.2 fixes the security bug that was found on the Exynos 4 chip.
The security bug created opportunities for malicious users to take control of a Samsung device with the potential to brick the device, wipe data or steal information. However, take note providing you obtain your software from legal sites and not 'dodgy' illegal titles you should not have been effected by the security issue.

The update to Android 4.1.2 also brings a number of new features, as well as modified interface controls for programs such as Gmail.
It also gives users access to Google Now, Google's predictive search feature that also functions as a virtual assistant.
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