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Originally Posted by EarlyMon View Post
Ok sikclown, it's official, I owe you 10 quatloos. Times were you could find images for them and I could have made a virtual payment here, but no, Google search just continues to degrade.

Funny to me that Sprint and others are calling it BlinkFeed with a (tm) on that, while HTC is calling it Blinkfeed.

Anyway - not sure I care for a non-Evo One.

Or there's something on Sprint's side and the new overlords not going for it, in which case, this could be the new Spanking. (Sprint + SoftBank = Spank).
I am sure I owe you several quatloos from over the past few years on here so let's call it even
I am ok with the non-Evo One because I am hoping it translates into actual accessories. With all the carriers having the same phone we may actually benefit for once from some honest to goodness useful accessories. Plus I really am rooting for HTC to have a huge win here and agree they needed to simplify things for the average consumer from a marketing standpoint.

AND..... I just so happen to have several upgrades available on my Business account so I might as well test this thing out..... for the good of the Forum of course.
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