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Originally Posted by The_Chief View Post
I just sold a car and got to drop the insurance on it. That means more money each month for the new phone account! And if my calculations are correct, I should have JUST enough in it by the end of the year to replace Ginny (IF the right device comes to VZW) and get a Google Glass.

Even the technologically-impaired Darling Bride is impressed by Glass. I suppose next year when her S3 is due for a replacement, she'll want Glass too. Something else to teach her how to use over and over
The Glass looks pretty cool, but atm I'm keeping busy playing with my Pebble.

I have to admit it was kind of cool using it in meetings the last few days. The phone was on silent, but my wrist would "vibrate" and I could see who was calling or read the incoming text by looking at my "watch."
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