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it convinced me to finally put the credit card details in to make a purchase $3, and it is bloody brilliant

(it may not quite fit the thread, but i am pretty sure anyone posting/reading in here will love it still!)

it's a turn based / real time game. basically if you aren't taking any actions everything is frozen, but while you are doing stuff the monsters will be creeping up on you. This means you have time to conisder your actions (sometimes that may help! ie you're down to one scroll, and about to be slaughtered, will it be a teleport, armor enhancment, or something REALLY bizarre

it's a nethack inspired game, uses unity engine (thats the biggest negative i'd say, had stability issues in the past, but is better at the minute, but often lose the game from phone calls etc). Its a 2d platform dungeon crawler. It's not totally about hack-n-slash (definitely not saying it's deficient in that area), but to me the variety of items and situations you find yourself in is the big draw to me. Seriously try to avoid any guides of objects etc, dont spoil the fun - find out about them in the game (you might need to check general help to ensure you dont miss anything, ie (dont know if it IS in the help) it was a long time before i realised you could tweak the stats rolled for your character at the start)). The most powerful spell of all? Identification (finally got a spellbook for it and then promptly died ). Sometimes you might just chuck some equipment on, and then a few minutes later you're wondering how the heck has this happened? Sometimes you may not even really notice the effects, untill it's id'd later and then you think "OHHHH!!!!! THATS what happened!!"

the benefit to the unity engine is you can get the game on (think this is the full list for now) - Windows, Mac, browser based, and android (and i think there is a push to get it on steam). It has multiplayer (but not true multiplayer, i think you and the other person will each seperately spawn into identical dungeons? not really sure havent tried that yet)

if waz continues to put new features in (and more weird mystery items ) the game could have some serious staying power. I did see a comment about alignements coming into play more.

Before paying you can go down 300 meters in the dungeon, definitely enough to get you hooked!!
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