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Watch Dogs!!!
Watch Dogs!!!
Watch Dogs!!!
Watch Dogs!!!

lol....I wasnt gonna be too excited for the PS4....I am saving up now. The controller looks more ergonomic, the dedicated chip for uploads/downloads: to play a game while its still downloading etc.

For games..I have a feeling the PS4 versions might have lil perks vs the PS3 versions.

I said what I said about the controller because from the side it looks like a 360 controller. The 360 controller feels better to hold, more support for the base of the thumbs.

Originally Posted by pbf98 View Post
I heard that it will not be backward compatible at all, can anyone confirm this?

If thats true, I think its a stupid decision, forcing people to buy games they already have for a new console.

I'm interested to see MS's answer the the PS4
I dont think they would necessarily remake all PS3 games for the PS4. I dont think that has happened yet with any system. You just keep your PS3. If you mean PS1 and 2 many ppl have the PS3 thats fully backwards compatible?

Games you got off PSN should still be available to play on the PS4. Sony cant be THAT

Eventually PS3 games would wind up on PS1 and 2 games. PS3 games are already on PSN tho.... FWIW...I still have a fat model PS2 and an orig Cant get more backwards compatible than that...
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