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Originally Posted by EarlyMon View Post
I'd like to see the Nokia comparison done with more info. In the first, the cameras are pointed in different directions, greatly affecting the lighting. I'm not sure how to draw comparisons.

In the second, the humans seem more naturally colored on the One, but I don't know how to gauge his praise of vibrant colors because they were evidently under colored lights. Anyway, check out the building color outside, right background.

In the third, I'd conclude that the Nokia took a longer exposure. That one the Nokia shot looks far sharper to me and much more pleasing.
I was noticing this stuff too. It would be nice if all comparisons were of as close to exactly the same shot as possible and included extra info, even if it was put under the {hide} tags so only interested people had to look at it if they wanted. Some EXIF data and a summary of the settings used within the phone's camera application? Maybe even some external light meter readings?

Its quite alot to ask for for an impromptu camera comparison though, especially from most unconcerned journalists, all at a press conference event like this.

Hopefully we will see some better comparisons, with more consistency and some supporting data, coming up before release
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